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Helpful Information and Websites I have found.

I have been working to expand my knowledge of Linux, networking, cyber security, ethical hacking, and network information gathering.   I know there is a lot to learn and realistically one cannot keep all of this information in their brain.  For that reason, I will working on gathering information, Websites, blogs, and resources that will help organize that information for myself.  Since I am working on that information I am willing to share what I find with you.  I am looking for the detail information that will help when scanning, sniffing, interpreting, gathering, and understanding all of the aspects of cyber security, along with how to test for, identify vulnerabilities, and weaknesses in networks, firewalls, routers, applications, Websites, and the rest of the world. (just kidding about the rest of the world!).

Hopefully, this information and resources will assist new and experienced cyber security persons find information that is critical.  I find that I spend a lot of time trying to find the answers but in many cases only find others looking for the same answer.  I hope that I can assist in reducing the amount of time.

Furthermore, I find that many of the practical guides and books (many used for passing certification exams) don't give enough practical examples with the output of the different commands and software.  I will try to include links to examples that I run and explain the detail.  This exercise will be just as much of a learning experience for me as it will to aid you.  

I will try to post on a regular basis so you can see all that I am learning and you can learn along with me.


Thanks for reading,


Gordon Skelton