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Beginning Thoughts

If one desires to work with Big Data, Business Analytics / Analysis, or create interesting software capable of conducting deep learning or AI there are whole lot of things that one must know.  When I talk about knowing, I am expecting you to become so familiar with the topics that you don't have to spend the day using your favorite browser.  In addition, can one be really certain that the information found on the Web is factual?   Remember the adage, you can't believe everything, even if it is in the newspaper.   Many helpful sites and blogs are full of feedback from readers who find issues with statements, code, and solutions to problems.   Perhaps the best place to begin is at the bottom of a question where all of the issues, typos, and mistakes have been cleared up.

I am quite busy with software development, thinking up new ideas, and looking for new things to research.  So, I will try to keep my various blogs up-to-date as possible.  I will be adding good references to other sites where you may find the writing clearer with less rambling.  Some of the sites are free while others have a subscription fee.   All that I post on my blogs will be free so you can consider you get what you pay.  Perhaps, you will get some additional value.

I have a number of years of experience designing, developing, testing, reworking (refactoring for the knowledgeable) and learning.  I started my first systems analyst position in 1978 so it won't take you too long to figure I am on old guy who have seen a lot and who can hopefully share some of my knowledge and adventures with you.


Gordon Skelton